Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sorel Shoe Review #2

Sorel Yoot Pac Leather 1443 Waterproof Winter Boot (Little Kid/Big Kid),Mesquite,5 M US Big Kid

Other boot from Sorel is always comfortable to wear, although the boot is commonly known to be very heavy and cumbersome, now only with Sorel you will no longer feel inconvenience.
Sorel Sorel yoot with a very nice leather makes these boots increasingly favored by the purchaser, yellow brown with a combination of black underneath makes your feet more perfect especially if used with a color similar to the shoe.

Sorel Women's Tivoli NL1631 Boot,Black/Turtledove,8.5 M US

Boot with a lot of black color found on the market, with prices of various kinds.
Sorel provides the best facilities with the best raw materials so that the boot is not the same as other boots. The more visible the more favored, this time issued a return Sorel boots with black color with a combination of the white line on the base and slightly heeled.
Alas thick boot will not make your legs feel heavy. Black is a good choice for teens.

Sorel Women's 1964 Premium Canvas NL1717 Boot,Lead Gray/Enamel Blue,9 M US 

Like boots in general have a boss that extends to the top with regular shoes that have a rope around it.
Sorel Women's 1964 premium canvas now uses brown cream with blue rope yg Tosca, unique shoes are colored gray, so it is suitable for use comfortable shoe anywhere. Suitable for use with short skirts and especially for teenagers.

Sorel Women's Snow Angel Lace NL1810 Boot,Black,8 M

Snow angel? It is a unique name, boots with gray and black color combination is perfect for school shoes can also be due to other than a short tops, underneath jg good, could be relaxed used in any activity, such as running. Sorel footwear will not be easily damaged.
The quality is supported by the price. All women can have it. Boots with good design will become the primary choice to be an option.

Sorel Women's Cumberland NL1436 Boot,Dark Tundra,8 M

One more from Sorel with a color that is sweet chocolate that much-loved by the people. Black and brown fur with a little patch around the boss.
Rope length is not less his trademark black boots with a model of it.
There will be no heel is too high, your feet will be comfortable during wear. It is suitable for cowboy clothing for women.

Sorel Flurry 1810 - Winter Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid),Hyacinth/Gloxinia,6 M US Toddler

Sorel Flurry is a very fantastic kind of boots with purple, blue, and pink combined with black ash. Not too dark.
With these shoes perfect for the winter due to the appearance of thick boots.
Never seen would ruin feet thick, it's not true. Since Sorel is an excellent quality, will not be difficult to put on or take it off. Suitable for children up to teenagers. Sorel is made ​​from a good quality product.

The Top 3 Newest Arrival Men's

1. Sorel Men's Falcon Ridge NM1730 Slipper,Black,15 M US

Sorel products not only for women but for men too, like Sorel falcon ridge is an ordinary-looking shoes. As men's shoes. These shoes are in black and white design with gingham squares. This combination is more in the white majority. Black only as a distraction to add a motif that is a trend in the market. These shoes are comfortable to wear and suitable for various types of casual suit.

2. Sorel Men's 1964 Premium T Canvas NM1560 Boot,Goat/Dark Olive,9 M US

Other products from Sorel, boots are almost similar to that produced Sorel boots for women, black and brown bertalikan shoes under the ash-colored with a combination of chocolate creme, color combination is great for boots. Suitable for use with jeans tucked into boots and shirts are quite relaxed setting will enhance the trust you.

3. Sorel Caribou -Bruno -8

Sorel boots with thick color. The color combination of dark brown, creme, and black, making this boot looks cool. The rope is much diaikat in boots. Made jagged-shaped base and a very neat until it will not cause slippage. Boots can be used for women and men.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sorel Shoe Review #1

1. Sorel Women's Tofino Canvas NL1779 Boot,Chili Pepper/Black,8 M US

Boot with the rock color is red with black pepper with a bit of uniqueness of feathers on top. Sorel is a nice boots.
Trendy and modern, that's all I can say.
Boot is compatible with the wow atmosphere with a cool fashion.
You can adjust your clothing style matches the color of the boot itself, namely red and black, wearing a skirt would look better. And clothes that are jacketed with fur on the cuffs of the jacket. You will look cool

2. Sorel Women's Tivoli NL1627 Boot,Black/Grout,8 M US

The designs are fashionable from Sorel, deep black color decorated with white and made ​​such a dazzling zigzag, ideal for hiking. Red rope that is designed very strong, fit with a very fashionable color in this day and age, with a thick heel, walking will terasan comfortable without load.
Suitable clothing is clothing bertalikan rocker with a red and black skirt spandek.

3. Sorel Women's 1964 PAC Graphic NL1557 Boot,Black/Winter White,5 M US

Wow, one more from Sorel is very cool, will definitely attract customers to shop this will boot. Mixed color is black with gray and white, created an atmosphere like snow in winter, very suitable for use when winter arrives, the thick clothing with thin leggings shirts will support an elegant appearance in winter. Garish color combinations that do not make customers interested.

4. Sorel Women's Snowlion NL1082 Boot,Black,9 M

Products are usually colored boots from Sorel fantastic, this time featuring Sorel boots are often worn by a performing artist, with a pattern of only one color is jet black with black strap combination as well.
Boot is lightweight, and quite comfortable to wear, do not hurt your feet, but it is also not fast boot dirty because of black. Very fashionable, you should wear clana or short skirt. You will look amazing.

5. Sorel Women's Tivoli Plaid NL1653 Boot,Moccasin/Chili,9 M US

Have you heard that a woman's feet is very important in maintaining the beauty?
This time in color which is brown moccasin combination with red, black, white, like modern socks, even very suitable for use in a meadow, a grassy.
Dress shirt worn with a combination of red and white box with a pair of cowboys and cowboy hat, you'll look like a fashionable cowboy.

Sorel Heritage

Have you heard about Sorel ?

Hello guys, if you are a fashionable you must know this unique item. Yeah, there is a boot. An unique boot for women. The design of the boots are very exclusive and make you want to buy this boots. Not only boots, they also produce many kind of shoe for men, women, boys and also girls. Wanna know their heritage. Here it is :

Born from the desire to make a boot that would deliver explorers comfortably into the beauty of the great unknown, SOREL has been creating footwear for the fearless since 1962. As we forge forward from the frozen tundra into city streets, we translate the stunning landscapes that inspired our founders into a new generation of footwear that is fashionably bold, unapologetically daring and beautifully brave. Luxurious materials and flawless construction are brought to life by designs that challenge, invigorate and surprise. From sweet sneakers for sultry summer days to boots that turn heads while taking on the tundra, SOREL inspires fashion-forward feet for every season. 
Until now, the sorel shoes is still famous and with the most selling shoes all around the world. With the best price, this shoes is worth to buy and worth to try. My opinion about this product is I think it's awesome. When you are in the winter season, this shoes are very suitable for us. Because of the good quality of the leather and also the shoes. Although some people do not like it because of high boots but I think it is one of the fashionable trends right now.

So what are you waiting for? At least you must have one for it :)

The Top 5 New & Most Selling Sorel Shoes

Sorel Women's Joan Of Arctic NL1540 Boot,Shale,8 M US

Boot with a combination of brown, black with white side tutoring. We can see a lot of Arctic boots, because the boot is warm with a lot of feathers around the legs, comfortable and lightweight. Unlike boots in general, is the creator of Sorel boot with the quality standard with good quality.

Sorel Women's Cate The Great NL1642 Boot,Tusk/Stone,9 M US

Boot is large by standards of human feet. Coated with an elongated piece makes this boot more elegant, perfect for traveling or partying though.
Lots of concert artists wearing the boot during an appearance on the stage. Brown color indicates the sweetness of the foot and therefore suitable for garments with short skirts and of course it was brown.

Sorel Women's Caribou NL1005 Boot,Shale/Stone,8 M US

Boot with a serrated base that used to travel a watery so as not to fall slipping on the road. The design is quite simple just gray and black combined with white around.
This boot is very cool, casual wear to the mall or just a walk.
Lightweight and comfortable boot that will not interfere with the activity you are full.
Suitable for use with a fashionable shorts gray.

Sorel Women's Helen Of Tundra II NL1586 Boot,Olive Green/Stone,9 M US

Sorel boot output current with a sweet brown color design makes fleece lining in addition to the flat became more cool with any outfit. Whether in winter or summer. Because the Sorel boot is very flexible from year to year. Growing with the design of a very cool boots. Made of olive green color, very unique to wear. Simply worn with casual clothes as well suited to this combination boot.

Sorel Women's Felt Nakiska NL1581 Slipper,Fuchsia/Tarte,11 M US

Boot is different to boot normally. With a bright pink color, made ​​with white feathers with pink that is perfect for running daily activities.
Sorel is not just ordinary boot but the boot is comfortable and practical to use, lots of shades of Sorel, but its shape will not always be the same as the other, fashionable. Pink is a feminine color. Use the pink hotpants, you'll look pretty and feminine.